Holy Fire Spitting dragons that' the BIGGEST ice cube I have EVER seen!

The new issue is out and it is hot digity DANGEROUS with a capital D! It's probably the only magazine in the world that has an image of a wakeboarder sliding an iceberg on it's cover. SICK! That's right the Red Bull crew took team riders Parks Bonifay, Josh Sanders and Adam Errington up to Northern Canada to slide the ice in this issue. 

 Also check out the 2008 "List" to find out who was hot and what was not in the past year. I'll tell you right now that Jeremy Kovak isn't on it so if you got your hopes up then I sincerely apologize.

Coverage of Nike 6.0's "Raging Pull" event can be found on page 88. Wakeskater Ben Horan and his family were kind enough to dig a pond in their own backyard to host the event. I'm not really sure what a "Nahunta" is but apparently there was one there? 

Energy drinks are officially put to the test in the most badass section of the magazine called "the Dustpan" and the "wad" page may be the best one ever.