Here at the Alliance office we recently had some hot new products sent in from Nike 6.0 and Red Bull. The new Braata shoe and Red Bull Energy Shots (the goods we got) are pretty ding dang cool, but the way they packaged these babies up is probably even cooler. In fact, seeing the way these babies were presented was way better than that time I got the Tyco Tony Hawk Remote Control Skater for Columbus Day or the Hasbro GI Joe Action Figure on Bastille Day-France's National Holiday (At Alliance we always have a reason to give gifts and party!). Anyhooter, these guys are definitely pushing it in the action sports world and making some headway to becoming marketing companies in their own rite.

So what exactly are these new goodies? They are:


In 1996 a previously unknown blue and silver can appeared on US shelves with a simple promise “vitalizes body and mind” and a label: Red Bull Energy Drink. That year, a beverage category was born. Over the years Red Bull has built its reputation on this one energy product and has maintained its leadership position with the category ever since.
This summer we’re introducing something just as big, but a lot smaller: Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Sugarfree Shot.

It’s often been said that Americans like things super-sized. Well not this time. Red Bull Energy Shot promises sustained energy for hours in just one sip. Available in a 2oz bottle, a miniature version of the iconic Red Bull Energy Drink can.


Without carbonation and without the need for refrigeration, it easily fits in your purse, gym bag, airplane carry-on or glove box, making it your on-the-go source of energy anytime, anywhere. It’s the only shot that gives you wings!

Like their siblings, Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Sugarfree shot contain taurine, glucuronolactone and caffeine, but with less liquid and only 25 and 2 calories, respectively.
Available starting this June, Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Sugarfree Shot are destined to become huge.

And here is what Nike is putting out-

6.0 Braata-Low Impact, High Performance

Demanded by riders, delivered by 6.0- a pair of low-profile kicks with high-tech performance. The NEW Brataa reflects the languor of summer, built with the less is more philosophy. The lightweight “boat shoe” inspired Braata features innovative Nike Free technology on the outsole for reduced bulk and summer comfort. Nike Free, based off the natural movements of the foot, allows unprecedented fore-foot flex and consequently board feel. Nike explored a new “cold wrap” construction that requires less process time and reduced need for harmful solvents, reducing environmental impact, while also allowing the addition of a cushioned midsole, unlike the traditional vulc. Other features include a gusseted tongue and sockliner.

The 6.0 Braata in available in both men’s and women’s colors and sizing, available at select retailers July 1st.

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