When the big boys go out wakeboarding and wakeskating, there’s always someone who wants to tag along. That someone is us. So a few days ago, Travis and Josh drove to Clermont(TM), Florida — the new mecca of hot water action — to film some pictures for one of our web videos and to hang out with fellow music fans and wake fiends Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson and Bo Burton. Don’t concern yourself with why I’m writing this even though I wasn’t there, it’s just what I do. Anyway, while it’s always a pleasure to watch Danny and Aaron ride, the real story that Trav came back with is how good Bo is at wakeboarding. Huge backside spins and good grabs but really he charges it and makes it look good. Bo’s been around coaching at the Wakeboard Camp for a few years, and now it looks like he’s ready to follow the same program that Aaron and Ben Greewood took before him (make it there, make it anywhere). Maybe he’ll even be RIder of the Year someday, and then he can become pompous and aloof. Wouldn’t that be funny? But that’s a ways away, right now just know that we’re going to be going into depth with Bo in a future magazine issue. So in the mean time stare at him, memorize him and know that you will be seeing more.