For a company originally known for influence in motocross, No Fear has been making an undeniable full force push into the wake scene as of late. No Fear has been backing wakeboarders for a while now, playing host to top riders such as Phillip Soven, Parks Bonifay, Ricky Gonzales, Clint Tompkins, Ryan Lemons, Larry Taylor and Eddie and Jacob Valdez at one time or another. However, the company recently decided to extend it’s influence over the wake community by holding not one contest, but a four contest grass roots tour across the country. After much thought, the tour became known as the No Fear Wake 2 Wake Tour. The tour consists of divisions from novice to pro wakeboard and wakeskate. The series kicked off on April 19 titled The Inland Empire Uprising at Lake Elsinore in sunny Southern California. The contest had many of the key things that make up a tour: professional and regional riders, rails, killer sponsors (Alliance was one of them), free swag, and unfortunately, the wind. Yes, it seems as of late that the wind has become a large, yet unwanted, part of professional wakeboard tours and lets just say it made it’s presence felt throughout the usually calm Lake Elsinore channel.
Along with these traditional aspects, No Fear also brought quite a bit of originality to the contest scene. Along with larger cash prizes to the overall winners, $20 cash prizes were given out to the winners of each heat throughout the day. At the end of the second pass, riders were given an opportunity to show off their jibbing skills on a flat bar rail. Here’s where it gets fun. No Fear had a winch on hand that enabled riders to session the flat bar all day. Sparing no expense, the No Fear helicopter also treated the fans on the beach to a few fly-bys. Okay, back to the riding. All of the heats ran throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. However, by the time the pro riders were ready to take the water for the finals, the gale force winds made everyone feel like they were in the movie The Perfect Storm. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I think I definitely helped paint a vivid picture for you.) As a result, the finals ended up getting called. The scores were taken from the heats earlier in the day to determine the victors. Anytime you can bring out the best wakeboarders and wakeboard enthusiasts in the Southwest United States together in one place, you’re guaranteed a successful event. The fist stop of the Wake 2 Wake Tour was just that – successful. Big thanks to Toby, Jen, and Mark from No Fear for bringing a wakeboard tour back to Southern California. The next stop is The Dual in the Desert on June 21 at the Texas Ski Ranch. Make sure you log on to to get signed up.

1) Kaden Klaas
2) Jacob Schrupp
3) Jade Aguilar
4) Braden Sims

Jr Novice
1) Drew Lasso
2) Jessie Culp
3) Blaine Cash
4) Alex Erwig
5) Megan Hughes

1) Scott Rockwell
2) Matt Haugen
3) Jerry Harrington

1) Robbie culp
2) Jordan Clarke
3) Cory Hughes

Jr. Men
1) Ryan Lacefield
2) Clay Skausen
3) Brett Mattson
4) Bobbey Markey
5) Tyler Clarke
6) Casey McGowen
6) Kyle Gash
7) Colton Quick
8) Michael Lembo
9) Nickolas HInton
10) Brandon Brunasso
11) Trevor Kershaw
12) Tobbey Schoop

1) Graham Wailey
2) Justin Montgomery
3) Chase Powers
4) Robbie Davis
5) John Ruppert
5) Brian Day

1) Kim Kirch
2) Lindsey Hinther
3) Ashley Hughes

1) Brandon Poser
2) Damien Klaas
3) Dave Erwig
4) Mark Aguilar

Womens Masters
1) Alison Blaja
2) Geri Robertson

1) Jeff culp
2) Chuck Hester
3) Jeff Frew

1) Travis Clarke
2) Chris Davis
3) Noah Patrick
4) Almond Acuna
5) Byron Clarke

1) Tyler heinz
2) Cooper Swink
3) Damien Klaas
4) Wade Wagley
5) Chase Powers

Pro Wakeskate
1) Brent Baum
2) Tim Vanderlinde
3) Melissa Marquardt

Pro Men
1) AJ Racinelli
2) Tony Carroll
3) Jacob Valdez
4) Chris Williams
5) Trevor Marquette
6) Jesson Vedel
7) Stephan Williams
8) Eddie Valdez
8) Larry taylor

Pro Women
1) Melissa Marquardt
2) Gretchen Vedel
3) Erica Burk