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When you’re in the X Games, you’ve got to put it all on the line. That’s exactly what Felix Georgii did last year and this year was no exception. With some of the most unique spots we’ve ever seen and a style that only this happy German can embody, Felix put it all out there for the world to see. Congrats Felix on another killer RealWake section and your latest cover! (photo: Freudenreich)

Nowadays, it doesn’t take a boat to ride anymore. With cable riding becoming more and more popular every year, there are a lot of riders who have never taken a single set behind the boat. We at Alliance don’t like the sound of that, so we decided to get some of the today’s top cable shredders together to see what happens when they hit the wake. For a few of them, it was actually the first time ever! That made for a whole lot of laughs and some pretty surprising tricks. Maybe they’ll stick with it!

Germany is known for its cable scene, and for good reason: cable riding originated from there. So what would be a better place to go for your 2019 cable product shoot? That’s exactly what the Liquid Force team was thinking when they packed their bags and headed to where it all began. Jump in the van and cruise with six of the best cable riders on the planet as they hit tons of cables and some unique winch spots all across Germany and Austria!

As much as we’d like to think we could, nobody can ride forever … well, except maybe Shaun Murray, but he’s on a different level! Anyway, at some point you have to look towards the future and for many pros, that means staying in the industry they love. So what does it take to do that? You have to carve out your own spot and keep the stoke alive for the younger generations which is what it’s all about anyway!

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