Grab and poooooooke!

Words: Tony Carroll // Photos: Mathis


Do: Make a nice wide cut out and take a progressive edge into the wake. Make sure you’re edging all the way to the top of the wake.

Don’t: Edge hard, let off and edge hard again.

Take off

Do: Stop on your front foot a little more than you would on a regular tantrum to blind. This will help you get the grab easier.

Don’t: Forget to square up to the wake!


Get the grab

Do: Start going for the grab on the way up. It’ll help to suck your knees to your butt so you don’t have to reach as far.

Don’t: Grab tail-fish…ever!


Do: Keep the handle right to the small of your back, look over your back shoulder, bend your knees and spot your landing.

Don’t: Land stiff legged or else you’re going to hurt yourself.

Boat – Axis A24

Ballast – 1200lbs internal, two 900lb Eight.3 Plug ‘n Play bags, thirty 50lb Lead Wake bags

Speed – 22.8mph

Tunes – My Life – ZHU

Lake – Clear Lake, FL

Crew – Shane Bonifay, Mizuki Takahashi, & Gordon Harrison