Uh oh, uh oh. A few minds popped and some wakeboarders and wakeskaters almost died at aproximately 9:47 am Sunday, due to the filthy mcnastyness that went down on some river dredging pipes. Where you ask? Well, all I can say right now is check out the few photos we got from it. Basically these pipes are 800-900 feet long and Nick Ennen, Kyle Walton, Nick Valliere, and Silas Thurman did not just some amazing manuevers, I would go as far as saying they were mind blowing. Oh, and there is some kind of record that goes along with sliding front board for almost 200 ft. on a wakeskate, right? Kyle Walton is one gnarly wakeskater. Oh, and Nick Ennen killed the pipes, something like 250-ish absurd, record-smashing feet … and he almost died. He got swallowed by falling into one of the holes and the swaying pipes closed up on him. Nick Valliere got his shred on too by hitting it first this morning. He almost died on the pipes too … no joke. These guys are good, really good.