San Diego’s primary freshwater wakeboarding haven, Lake San Vicente, is set to close a few months from now. The Valdez family, along with Scott Byerly and Wakesports Unlimited, wanted to have one more demo at the lake before it closed. Last Friday, wakeboarders from all over Southern California came out to San Vicente to ride with Eddie and Jacob and meet the Godfather of the sport, Byerly. The party actually started the night before the demo, where everybody lined up at the gate in anticipation of the next morning. The festivities went into the early hours of the night until everyone finally decided it was in their best interest to get some sleep.

The second the gates opened at 7am, the boats were dropped in the water and everybody got a taste of the early morning butter. The day started with Eddie and Jacob putting on a demo, followed by everybody posting up on the beach and enjoying the atmosphere. Later in the day, Scott Byerly and team riders Ross Gardner, Wes Briscoe and Kyle Murphy showed up and started pulling boat loads of people behind the Special Edition Byerly Nautique.

After a day filled with riding at San V, the Valdez family packed up and the Byerly team headed up to Seaforth Boat Rentals in Mission Bay and then to the West Coast wakeboarding mecca, the Carlsbad Lagoon to join Wakesports for their weekly Freeride Friday event. The day was capped off by everyone enjoying a barbeque and bonfire at the lagoon. Special thanks to the Valdez family, Byerly Boards, Wakesports Unlimited, and Supra for getting everyone together one last time to ride Lake San Vicente.