It was a waketastic weekend in the wake Mecca of Orlando. Wake Games, Toe Jam, and two video premieres all rolled into a 72-hour span. Talk about an overload for the wake senses. If you're a fan of the wake, though, Orlando was definitely the place to be.

Saturday night was the premiere of Billabong's highly anticipated "Out of the Pond" team video. The showing took place at the amphitheater on the shores of the now wake famous Lake Eola, right in the heart of downtown. Billabong's entire team definitely stepped things up for the video, especially in terms of taking the sport new places and directions. Highlights included Chad's gaps (a.k.a. flying), Henshaw's rails, Ruck's soccer madness, Danny's wraps, Grubb's steeze, and Watson's curtains. The after party raged well into the night as wake pros, ladies, and fans took on the bars of downtown City Beautiful.

Sunday night featured Collin Harrington's "Box of Fun" video release at The Social. Much like it sounds, "Box of Fun" was full of fun stuff, and the premiere party followed form. The video takes the industry away from the glitz and glam of exotic film trips and back to the feel of wakeboarding is all about; friends hanging out, having a blast and shredding their faces off. Highlights include funny clips of all the guys, funny green screen scenes, stylish riding from all the guys (Ruck, Watson, Shane Bonifay, O'Shea, Collin, Henshaw and Fletcher), and more funny scenes. Chris O's closing section will also make you freak.

Following the video showing Collin's buddies Lower Class Citizens got up on stage and put on a kickass rock 'n roll performance. It was who's-who of wakeboarding rocking out in the early hours of Monday morning. I'd tell you more, but I can't remember much. All you need to know is that both of these videos should be on your list of things to buy as the season kicks off.

The following photo gallery contains photos of many of wakeboarding and wakeskating's biggest stars, many of whom were partaking in thought-provoking, intellectual conversations throughout the after parties. As they say, there's a time for work and a time for play, and many of these pros know when to say when.


In case you need some visual reminders, watch the teasers here:

Out of the Pond

Box of Fun