OWC Hosts the Final Stop of the Monster Triple CrownFrom Orlando, Florida, USA (August 21, 2012) – The Monster Energy WWA Wake Park Triple Crown Presented by alliancewake.com will make its 3rd stop of the 2012 season at one of the hottest cable parks in the World. Six amateur and professional divisions will be represented at the season finale including Open Features, Open Mens, Open Women, Pro Features, Pro Wakeskate and Pro Men. Orlando Watersports Complex will host what will be one of the largest and most fun wakeboard contests of the year.

At Stop #1 the Pro Features division offered some of the most advanced riding in wakeboarding history. Four riders stuck double flips for the 1st time ever in a contest; Raphael Derome (CDN), Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER), Oli Derome (CDN), and Shane out shined(USA) proved that cable wake parks are here to stay by sending progressive tricks into the stratosphere.

Not to be out-shined, Stop #2 at Hexegon Wake Park had it’s own incredible wakeboarding. Once again Raphael Derome stopped a heelside frontside 1080 and Daniel Grant (Thai) landed an array of rewind spins and a heelside backside 900 to secure 2nd in the pro features division.

Meanwhile in the Pro Men’s division, Daniel Grant won his 1st ever Monster Triple Crown stop. Daniel put together a flawless pass that encompassed a nose grab S-Mobe, Backside 900 off the kicker and ton’s of legit presses on the rails. With this pass, Daniel was able to edge out James Windsor (AUS), 2011 World Champ Dominik Guehrs (GER), and Matty Hasler (AUS).

The Monster Energy WWA Wake Park Triple Crown Presented by Alliancewake.com and is supported by Liquid Force and Slingshot.

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Location of Stop #3
Orlando Watersports Complex
8615 Florida Rock Road
Orlando, FL 32824
Phone: 407-251-3100