So Travis just called me and invited himself, Staker and BB over for the game. I’m not really sure what game, but they are coming over at 8:30. I’m guessing Detroit is playing hoops, because Trav is from Michigan.

Speaking of Staker, that guy should be paranoid. In the last year he’s had one car stolen and driven halfway across the country, and another car broken into and burgled for like $10,000 in camera equipment. Somebody has got it in for my boy, and I’ll bet it’s a girl. My old roomate got his car keyed by a girl he did wrong one time. She looked like a gorilla, he bailed, so she got nasty on his Thunderbird.

Georgia’s getting a lot of play this year, everyone is back there again this weekend for the Masters. Trevor Hansen reports from the scene that there are not as many hot trick skiers as in years past, but that Russell Gay is intense. Well said.