Parks Bonifay gets roasted and toasted by his fellow athletes and professional comedians for his successes and idiosyncrasies in Toasted – The Roast of Parks Bonifay. If you have ever thought that Parks Bonifay was worthy of a little heckling, do not miss this show. Parks’ friends and fellow athletes leave no stories untold and take some quality shots at him and each other in this show on FUEL TV.

The Wakeboarding industry had one of the biggest nights it has ever seen on September 9th 2012 at Hard Rock Live at Universal in Orlando
Florida when Red Bull put on Toasted – The Roast of Parks Bonifay. Parks Bonifay is the biggest names and icons in wakeboarding and that has made him a perfect target. This party is both a toast and a roast for Parks, but the roasting dominated the night. Whether it was rosters roasting each other or roasting Parks, the night was full of really funny jabs, uppercuts and straight kicks to the junk.

The roasters: fellow athletes; Shane Bonifay, Eric Ruck, Danny Harf, Adam Errington, Zane Schwenk, with guest athletes; Ronnie Renner and Ryan Scheckler and guest comedians; Dan Levy and Tammy Pescatelli along with host Sal Masekela took the gloves off and let the heckling fly.