The Wakesports Spring Splash Spectacular was, well just that, spectacular.  I made sure a photographer was on site to capture all the good times for you.  His name is Brandon Ferlin and he has a ton of photos.  Please let him know if you’d like them.  I just slapped this together for a quick article.  Hope you can use it.
Wakesports Spring Splash Spectacular, you can’t say it without a smile on your face…go ahead try, Spring Splash Spectacular. Yep that’s right, the Wakesports crew knows how to have a good time and with the warm California sun shining on the waters of the Carlsbad Lagoon it comes naturally.  Josh Cantor owner of California Watersports invited good friend Parks Bonifay out to enjoy the San Diego wakeboard scene on April 12th. Once the word hit the streets that P.B. was in town the crews loaded up and headed in from all over.  Riders were looking for a chance to try out Parks’ new Ibex pro model, fly off the massive MasterCraft wake, enjoy the beach scene, or simply catch a glimpse of the man, the myth, the legend.  If you’ve been there then you’ve experienced the nostalgia and know what its like to get butterflies while coasting down the hill and looking out at the smooth waterways that started it all (Tony Finn invented the Skurfer at the Carlsbad Lagoon).  Once you break the tree lined canopy you’re immediately greeted by smiling faces and a calming sense of relief…that’s right you’ve officially entered the fun zone and its on.   
Geoff Howell and R.J. Flake of the San Diego and Orange County Wakesports locations brought out the best of the best in the latest 08’ gear from Ronix, Liquid Force, O’Neill, Spy, and more.  Customers we’re soaking up the sun and taking advantage of the deals gearing up for summer. Parks mingled with the customers answering questions about his new Vorn collection by Ronix and telling stories only Parks could tell.  He also took on all challengers on the basketball court in the game of ‘LAGOON’ falling to the reigning champ Mr. Josh ‘works too little and plays basketball too much’ Cantor.  People poured in and out of the boats constantly, every time they ended back at the dock it was the same result…dripping wet grinning from ear to ear.  First thing out of their mouth, “I gotta’ get me one of these Parks setups”….of course having Parks greeting them at the dock always helps.  The sun smiled bright and topped 90 degrees as the Wakesports crew passed out free drinks and of course had someone on the bb-q at all times.  The beach and entire facility buzzed with excitement as riders stayed into the sunset sitting by the bonfire sharing stories with each other.  .
Word had gotten out that Alliance was going to treat everyone to a special sneak peak of raw footage of the Parks Documentary, a highly anticipated film Keith Kipp and the Alliance crew have been working on for the last two years.  Once the DVD surfaced people sprinted to the nearest t.v. and fought for a view of this epic saga.  It was a bit surreal to see Parks standing there seeing some of the footage for the first time, surrounded by people experiencing and reacting to his life story.  The people in that room definitely felt like they’d been apart of something amazing and legendary…that was only from a few raw clips thrown together.  Applause and cheers filled the room as Parks stood up and thanked everyone for sharing the experience. He then proceeded to throw the DVD into the bonfire ensuring the footage will not be seen again until the finished product hits the shelves.  The experience was the perfect way to finish of a fun filled day.  The riders were overflowing with anticipation and a warm fuzzy feeling, realizing that another fun filled summer is on its way
If you’re ever in Southern California stop in and say hi to the Wakesports crew and pick up and Alliance Wake mag, ask them about the latest gear and events, how to get to the Carlsbad Lagoon to ride and definitely don’t forget to ask what story Parks told that can only be repeated in person.
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WAKESPORTS San Diego-(858) 277-5757
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