It’s finally here. Over 27 years of record setting achievements and five years in the making, the documentary of the one and only Parks Bonifay is complete! Parks’ entire life is offered up in in-depth clarity. An athlete not only raised to excel at a sport, but born into it. Parks has been wowing spectators since before he could walk, and it has been nearly 13 years since he took the wakeboarding world by storm. No athlete has had as much influence on the sport, industry and future riders as Parks. To put it simply, Parks is wakeboarding. Did Parks grow up with wakeboarding or did wakeboarding grow up with Parks? As Tony Smith likes to say, “It’s Parks’ world, the rest of us are just living in it.” Now with the completion of the Parks Bonifay documentary, that world is here for the rest of us to see and experience. Be sure to join us at the premiere of this once in a generation film.

August 21
Hard Rock Live – Orlando, FL
Universal Studios City Walk
Doors open at 8:00 PM / Film starts at 9:00 PM
Free admission / All ages