Orlando, Fla. – Anticipation climbed this season with the addition of four Double or Nothing qualifying events for the world’s most important double up contest, the Parks Bonifay Double Or Nothing. However, the time is here for the Final Chapter in this series of events and the riders are in end-of-season shape for the 4th Annual Double Or Nothing Double Up Contest, set for a window from September 10-13 in Central Florida.

As usual, the heaping MasterCraft X-Star wake will be serving up the meat all day long at a location that will be disclosed to the media and riders by phone the morning of the event. The window of time is set to guarantee good conditions and the event will only take one day, weather permitting.

After Surf Expo and the Wake Awards, on Friday evening, September 14, Parks will host a Red Bull awards party in Downtown Orlando at Wall Street in conjunction with Step Up Production’s 3rd Annual Surf Expo Rail Jam. Awards will be presented for Biggest Air and Best Trick. Digital Mantis and Dano the Mano will keep the crowd entertained while highlight videos from the event roll – a must attend for any wakeboarding enthusiast. Over $10,000 in cash and prizes will be given away to the riders and the invite list will include twenty of today’s best including:

1. Chad Sharpe (04 Biggest Air)         11. Joey Bradley (Dallas Qualifier)
2. Josh Sanders (04 Best Trick)        12. Brad Smeele (Dallas Qualifier)
3. Parks Bonifay (05 Biggest Air)        13. Ricky G. (Twin Lakes Qualifier)
4. Danny Harf    (05 Best Trick)            14. Daniel Watkins (Twin Lakes Qualifier)
5. Rusty Malinoski (06 Biggest Air)        15. Kevin Henshaw (Twin Lakes Qualifier)
6. Andrew Adkison (06 Best Trick)        16. Phil Soven (Kelowna Qualifier)
7. JD Webb (Wild Card)            17. Aaron Rathy (Kelowna Qualifier)
8.  Shane Bonifay (Wild Card)            18. Adaam Errington (Orlando Qualifier)
9. Randy Harris (Wild Card)            19. Jimmy LaRiche (Orlando Qualifier)
10. Shaun Murray (Wild Card)            20. Dean Smith (Orlando Qualifier)

Parks would like to thank Red Bull, Fox Riders Co. and Mastercraft for making this event possible in its fourth year.