Wakeboarding’s Most Progressive Double Up Contest Is Back!

Orlando, Fla. — After a short hiatus, the best double up contest of all time is back. On September 5, 2010, 16 of the worlds best riders will give it everything they’ve got in Central Florida for the Parks’ Double Or Nothing Double Up Contest.

The legend himself, Parks Bonifay is more excited than ever, especially after sticking a double half cab roll in practice. “I’ve been riding a lot lately,” Parks said. “That’s the first double roll I’ve done in five years, and I feel the best I’ve felt since my injuries. I’m going to go after a double half cab mobe in the event. My goal is to take it down and win this thing.”

The wake will be bigger than ever and a new boat will be unveiled for the event — the supercharged Parks Bonifay signature MasterCraft X Star. “I think this wake is what we need to get some new tricks in the books,” Parks said. “Everyone I invited has a legit chance to win. It’s gonna be cool to be out with the boys doing what we do best.”

To get the best conditions, the event will occur on one day in the window of September 5-8. This event is “made for media”, so there will only be sponsors, riders and top media members on site. This event will wrap up just in time for the best tricks to also be nominated for the 2010 Wake Awards “Move Of The Year.”

The Double Or Nothing awards ceremony begins Thursday, September 9 on the greens of Legends golf course. After a full round of 18 holes, the riders will converge upon the clubhouse for a catered lunch to judge the best trick among each other. Later that night, the votes will be tallied up and the winner will be awarded $10,000 at Skye 60 in downtown Orlando.

Parks would like to thank Fox Riders Co., MasterCraft and Red Bull, for making this event possible in its fifth year.

Way back in the day when Red Bull got involved with the sport of wakeboarding, they pushed the sport in many ways never dreamed possible. From doing wakeboard contest in deep caves to whipping their riders into the world’s best waves and even arctic icebergs. Red Bull has always kept their finger on the pulse and helped the sport of wakeboarding reach new heights.

From 2004-2007, Double Or Nothing was the premier event for showcasing the most technical tricks that wakeboarding had to offer. The event took a hiatus for two years, as some riders focused on pushing the limits of rail riding. Once again, Red Bull was at the forefront with the creation of Red Bull Wakelab, an event that incorporated the Sesitec 2.0 cable system, the first portable cable system allowing the sport to be showcased to the masses in locations never thought of before.

Now fast forward to 2010 and the time has come to bring Double Or Nothing back! Now 1080’s are becoming a commonplace and even 1260’s are possible. There have been more new tricks landed in the last year than ever before. Part of this inspiration came from Red Bull’s movie, Project X, with Shaun White. His recent progression of double corked maneuvers has opened a lot of eyes for what could be possible on a wakeboard.

9/5 – 9/8 (Mon. – Wed.) – 4 day window for event to take place
9/9 (Thur. day) – Double or Nothing Golf Tournament
9/9 (Thur. day) – Double or Nothing luncheon where athletes will review footage
9/9 (Thur. night) – Award ceremony

Invited Riders
Parks Bonifay
JD Webb
Adam Errington
Danny Harf
Chad Sharpe
Rusty Malinoski
Randall Harris
Shane Bonifay
Andrew Adkison
Bob Soven
Phil Soven
Dean Smith
Jimmy LaRiche
Harley Clifford
Trevor Hansen
Steel Lafferty