After a leisure-filed day of golf, lunch and video analysis, the top 16 wakeboarders in the world got together on Sept. 9 to vote on the best trick and who would win the $10,000 up for grabs from Parks Bonifay’s 2010 Double Or Nothing Double-Up contest.

The top moves included a double half-cab roll by Parks, a perfect switch toeside 1080 by Rusty Malinoski and a heelside nosegrab mobe 720 by Harley Clifford. The mobe 720 was a move that almost went down years ago by Andrew Adkison, but no rider in the world has been able to land it until Harley.

“Hands down I feel that this year’s Double or Nothing was by far the best one yet. Not only was the location epic with bright blue water and its own double up island, but the actual double was the best it’s ever been. So big and consistent which made it really easy for the guys to huck their tech moves,” said Parks.  “Every rider out there was really putting their body on the line to take it down. Guys were even getting snapped off practicing for it. Everybody just wanted it more it seemed like this year!”

Later that evening, Red Bull through a raging bash at Sky60 in downtown Orlando for all the industry and riders. DJ Mike Mantis flew in from Chicago to kick the beats and all of wakeboarding’s who’s who came to see the results.

The riders voted in favor of Harley’s mobe 720 and no one could deny it was one of the baddest moves ever seen on a wakeboard. “I was super nervous coming into this contest, cause I was getting beat up on double ups every day,” Harley said. “But it ended up being the most fun contest ever and I was super pumped to take the win, especially with the caliber of riders that were on hand.”

Special thanks to Red Bull, MasterCraft, Fox, Legends Country Club and Sky60. Also look for the Double Or Nothing to make another comeback in 2011.