You’d think a bunch of crusty and jaded Cardiff by the Sea Alliance staffers would never take wakesurfing seriously. You may recall that first cover of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine was Brian Grubb on a wakeskate, on a rail, when promoting wakeskating could have been politically foolish at the time. So why in the year of 2014 with all our history and all our documented opinions would we be motivated by wakesurfing? Well, the reality of our staff’s existence is that a huge portion of us are “ocean surfers” and have been surfing for decades. With that being said, every single one of us has a blast wakesurfing. We always have. This shit is fun; and as a group that takes everything and nothing serious, we enjoy cross referencing the waves in front of our office with the waves being produced behind the boat.

As most boat manufacturers have revealed their newest wake / wave machines for 2015, we’re starting to get our first rounds of the scratch and sniff. Most recently we had an invitation to surf behind the newly launched 2015 MasterCraft X23 during a customer reveal back in October at the MasterCraft factory. If you haven’t noticed yet MasterCraft has been taking the brand and our activity deep into surfing culture through the X23. Surfers like Kamalei Alexander (@kamaleialexander), Dustin Barca (@barcalive), Tom Curren (@curfuffle), and surfer/musician Donavon Frankenreiter (@donavon_frankenreiter) are seemingly having an insane time surfing behind MC’s latest and greatest. Knowing these guys surf the most epic world class waves on a regular basis and also legitimately love surfing behind the boat was a huge indication we needed a set too.

From a technical and performance standpoint we could regurgitate the X23 catalog but you can find all of that elsewhere on the interweb. What I will say from the first class experience MasterCraft provided is that the X23 produces one of, if not the longest, waves we’ve ever surfed behind a boat. You can literally take two full pumps down the line before arching out a legit bottom turn into some tail off the lip. Simply put, it feels like legitimate rail-to-rail surfing – crusty and jaded opinion included…


For more on the 2015 MasterCraft X23 go to and to see the full Hawaiian surf adventure with the X23 check out