Parks came into town for a few days following the LA Boat Show to get some more work done on the Parks Bonifay Documentary and to enjoy the Cardiff office. The 9-to-5 (8-to-6 at Alliance) was pretty standard while Parks was here. Morning surf check, donuts from VG's Bakery, before the lunch surf check, lunch at Beach Break and Pipes, afternoon surf check, talk about the documentary, surf Tables, and call it a day.
Incase you have not heard, PB is teaming up with Alliance Visual Experiences to produce the Parks Bonifay Documentary. Without spoiling the movie by sharing with you the mind-boggling footage and story that's going to be released, I'm simply going to leave you with a reminder of why Parks gets a documentary. His entire life was literally documented and dedicated to our sport. Being able to water ski at 6 months would probably mold you into one hell of an athlete too but you¹d be missing the key ingredient, the talent of Park¹s Bonifay. This is going to be a must see for 09.
All being said, it was a pretty productive few days of surfing I mean
working with PB.