It’s good to be king…Photo: S. Smith


Phil, how did you celebrate the world premier of your new reality series Wake Brothers?

Well I partnered in a bar in Downtown Orlando so we threw a big party for the premier. I got to spend it with a majority of the wakeboard industry and family and friends so it was a great night!


Was your brother Bob with you?

Nope, for some reason he decided instead to go to South Florida to have my uncle clean his teeth…weird huh?


Who is the biggest celebrity you have met in your time working with MTV?

Hard to say I have met a lot of people through this and all of them have been really cool and fun to hang with. I have definitely made a few new friends along the way.


Apart from Wake Brothers, what’s your favorite show on MTV?

Hmmm that’s a tough one I guess I’d have to say Fantasy Factory is pretty awesome. Also I started checking out Awkward because one of the first people I met was Brett Davern (plays Jake) and he actually grew up Wakeboarding in Seattle.


Are there talks of a second season?

 “Being discussed at MTV headquarters.”


What are your thoughts on Bob’s alter ego “Ginger Snap”? After watching episode 3 in NYC we were a bit uncertain as to what his special talents actually were?

I think “special” talents is the right word for it…not so much talent but for sure special! I don’t know really Bob can lay it on pretty thick sometimes with the fantasy land stuff but Ginger Snap was next level.



 Bob’s alter ego “Ginger Snap” took to the streets in episode 3 doing it for Heelies and the safety of the American public?


What has been your strangest encounter with a fan now that the show has premiered?

Everything’s been pretty cool so far everyone’s been nice. Yesterday I was eating lunch in my hometown of Windermere and when I opened twitter I saw a posting of a picture of me eating my burrito taken from the next table over (couple of high school girls) so that was kind of funny. Things like that but nothing too crazy yet.


Bob mentions his “V” card constantly throughout the show. Where does he finally lose it, or does he not?

Yeah yeah he actually lost it at Wakestock…shocking right?!


We saw your new Malibu MXZ boat in episode 1. How is it?

I love my MXZ. Malibu really put this boat together well. You don’t hear as much about the release of the MXZ because unlike some other boat companies that recently released new boats Malibu doesn’t need a big marketing scheme and hype on this. We prefer to let the boat do the talking for itself! I’ve been really happy with mine having the LSA Supercharged engine is sweet as well as the Arma Energy Wrap that was put on.


Are you still single like in the show, or is there a special lady in your life now?

Nope I’m still single! Go ahead and pass that along to your alliance girl page models….


How many hours does it actually take to film a 20 minute episode of reality television?

Well it’s relatively real time. As much as possible. There is a new episode every week, therefore we shoot 1 episode over 5-7 days time.


Is there anything different or new you’ve noticed about yourself as you watch on television?

As far as my on TV persona I’m still getting used to it and there’s some ups and downs. The show obviously showcases more of the differences between Bob and I but I still have some humor in there.  As far as off the water it almost feels like a weight off of my shoulders. I have been working for so long and so hard to build this sport up and make my impact. I am always looking for ways to pioneer the sport and push it in a positive direction. It’s a great feeling when you finally catch a break, now we just need to keep it going and make the most of the opportunity.



Phil and Bob’s differences land them in counseling as tensions ran high in episode 4. 


How many phone calls did you get after that prank ad went up on the billboard in Orlando?

Robert actually setup a separate phone line for it but there were a few calls….that photo was from the “Alliance most eligible bachelors” article…I knew it would come back to haunt me. Haha!


Bob claims his best friend on the show is Rusty, so who is yours?

Bob claims a lot of things….I don’t know everyone is such a tight knit group but I mean Aaron Rathy has been my best friend for years and is pretty much part of the Soven family.


Who designed the rail at your house in the first episode? Did anyone get seriously hurt (like Adam for example)? 

Adam definitely got broke off pretty good but thankfully there were no major injuries! It was built by Step Up Productions so it was as well built and safe as possible.