“Yes, I’m alive … main base, I have a clear signal.” Where in the hell are you and where in the hell have you been? “I’m proud to report that I’ve been out at wake central.” Good work soldier. I must wake up and tell a web story, it’s so important … WAKE UP! Yesterday was a wake-n-wake kind of day. Got the phone call from Stakes, “We’re going to PB’s house.” I said kick effing ass, count me in. Even better news, Tony made it back in town, that was just a sub note for you cats that really care. Ok, I’ve bored you enough – I’m skipping ahead. We never made it PB’s house, PB was going out to Watson’s house, so we followed his tracks and when we walked into Watson’s house, it was only Watson sitting on his couch with a pretty big spider trapped in a jar and his laptop out trying to find out what kind of spider it was. I don’t like spiders, especially big ones, and this one was pretty big. So Tony and I joined the research team and we narrowed it down to the “Rabid Wolf Spider”. A vicious name for the guy. To make a long story short, Watson’s place turned upside down with the world’s best wakers. We had a great afternoon, I watched the guys play some Xbox 360, some online poker and from shore, I got to watch a little wake riding – oh yeah, I had to show Tony how to catch a fish. Keep the pan hot in Kenosha – good luck to all and happy riding.