This year, President’s Day and Ronix Sales Manager Jason Mendes’ birthday happened to fall on the day after the L.A. Boat Show ended. Parks and Shane Bonifay, along with Keith Lyman were all in town with their sponsors for the boat show. As the weekend wore on, we thought what better way to let off steam from the boat show than to do some old fashion gun shooting. Soon enough, flights were pushed back and we were all waiting for Monday to come. Unfortunately, Shane and Parks got called into work (yes I said work) last minute and were unable to join us in our excursion. Parks had to go into the Alliance offices to work on his upcoming documentary and Shane had to head down to Liquid Force to dial in his board graphic for next year.
       Monday morning came soon enough and we woke up to a beautiful President’s Day. Perfect shooting weather. The final crew consisted of Jason Mendes, Carlsbad Lagoon owner Josh Cantor, Wakesports owner Tyler Irwin, Keith Lyman, Mendes’ grandma (yes she is a grandma, and yes she likes to party), and myself. We made a quick stop at Turner’s Sporting Goods to pick up plenty of targets to shoot at. Finally, we were on the road. When we arrived at our undisclosed location, it was very peaceful. Almost too peaceful. Now for those of you who do not know, Keith is really into guns and anything else having to do with the military. I don’t think he heard a word anybody said to him the entire time we were shooting. From clay pigeons to bowling pins to mock deer targets, we shot it all that day. This was definitely a President’s day to remember. In fact, we are thinking of making it annual L.A. Boat Show tradition. Happy Birthday Mendes!