Pro Arsenals: Parks Bonifay

Boat: Mastercraft X-Star Parks Bonifay edition. Wouldn’t it be nice if your boat had your name on it too?

Board: 2011 Ronix Ibex ATR Edition with the sintered Base for rail riding, or the Ibex R3 edition for wake riding. This particular R3 is signed by the crew from a Red Bull trip down under where Parks, JD Webb and Brian Grubb spent over a week aboard a 90 ft motor yacht riding, diving, and basically living the life the rest of us never will. “I think someone drew a cock on it…feel free to blur that out.” said Parks.

Bindings: 2011 Relik boots with custom Red Bull sticker jobs. That’s right stickers on boots. Parks has never failed as a trend setter so grab your sticker box and tag up your kicks asap.

Shades: The Flynn from Spy Optics. These bad boys aren”t even available online yet (which is why I snagged a fresh pair out of his shades case when he was uncovering the boat. shhh.)

Boardies: Fox. Usually whichever pair is on top of the box that just arrived. Parks prefers to rip the tags off of his shorts every time he goes riding, so apparently his product budget is large. Actually, make the extra large.

Energy: Nothing gets Parks amped to ride like 4 Redbull’s and a round of COD: Black Ops. When he hits the water he’s tweaking with intent to kill. How else do you think he get’s the balls to throw a double half cab mobe off the double up?

Vest: Custom RedBull / Ronix pullover vest with a built in 6 pack. Sometimes he wears it underneath his t- shirts when he goes out at night to look more “swole.” OK maybe not, but I would.

Travel Bag: Ronix Links Edition Boardbag well equipped with a portable tee-off green. Parks always keeps a Driver in the bag along with a couple of balls so that he doesn’t feel guilty telling TSA “yeah they’re golf clubs.” It’s also nice for when there’s a jackass jetskier on your tail…As long as you yell “fore” it’s completely aceptable to crank a few in his direction.”

Rope / Handle: “I thought you were going to bring the rope!?”