They say the clothes make the man, so accordingly, the gear makes the wakeboarder right? Maybe not, but we’re going to ask the pros what they’re rocking anyway. First up: Shaun Murray.


Age: 34
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 150
Hometown: Orlando
Home Lake: Whippoorwill, so we say “I’m gonna ride the Whip.”


Board: Hyperlite Murray Nova 137 most days, some days 142
Bindings: Hyperlite Team Boot, working on a new Murray boot for mid season release
Shorts: Fox boardies
Vest: Jet Pilot Shaun Murray Full Metal Jacket
Rope: Accurate A Line, Murray Handle with V wrap
Shades: Fox
Pull: Nautique 230 “The Best!”


Boat Speed:24.7
Rope Length:80-82.5 depending on how I’m feeling
Stance: Close to all the way out on the strata track, slightly ducked and slightly tail heavy
Favorite trick: HS/BS 7 off the wake. Feels good when it’s clean.

Be sure to check out Shaun’s full interview in the July Issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.

Slob 3. Photo: Cortese