Wakeboard: Liquid Force Witness 136. I’ve been riding these board ever since I got off the mini squirt. It’s super fast and I always feel in control on it.

Boots: Liquid Force Watson Boots – They’ve got a great flex with awesome ankle support. I feel super connected to the board with them. I’m super picky about boots because I feel like they give you most of your “feel” when riding, and these pass the test!

Life Vest: Liquid Force Cardigan vest. It feels like I’m naked until I fall, then it feels like I’m floating, but still naked, and naked in the water is always a good time.

Easy Mac: A serious part of my life. It’s sort of a requirement that if you are in college you have to eat ramen noodles or easy mac, so I picked easy mac. I keep it with me on the road at all time because it’s quick…and easy, just like the label says.

MasterCraft X-Star: With custom Nike 6.0 wrap. The biggest wake in the game for my biggest spins like the toeside backside 720 or the wake to wake 10.

Pillow Pet: Since I don’t want to get a dog like every other pro the first year they move away from home, I got a pillow pet instead. It’s a pet when I want it to be, and then a pillow when I’m tired of taking care of my pet. No pee stains on the carpet and no worries about who’s going to watch it when I leave town. It’s a penguin named “pickle,” in case you were wondering.

Liquid Force Wakeboard Bag: Carries my board on the plane and when combined with my pillow pet can be used as a mobil hotel room.

Red Bull: I drink it everytime before I ride so I have to energy to do whatever I want for as long as I want…Plus it’s easy to make new friends by offering a Red Bull from our fully stocked fridge.

Nike Shoes: My feet are extremely important, and my Nike’s help protect them from the numerous dangers mother nature has created. Plus fresh kicks = fresh tricks.

Nike Tiger Woods Driver: I just bring a driver with me on the road so that way if we end up playing a round, my only option is a hole in one. It’s a great approach to the game and I’m convinced my score has improved ever since.