photos: Soden

In an effort to protect the waters we use and love, October’s Lake Cleanup month inspired several of today’s top pro wakeboarders to join forces with the WSIA to clean up the shorelines surrounding Orlando’s Conway Chain. Tony Iacconi, Steel Lafferty, Meagan Ethell, Cathy Williams along with photographer Tyler Soden and the WSIA took to the waters on October 23 and weren’t sure what to expect, since the Conway Chain appears to be very well kept when viewing from a distance.

However, upon closer view, waste items can be found in many parts of the lake especially in tall grass and in the canals. Some of this pollution is unintentional, but the WSIA encourages boaters to consider modifying their choices. Single use plastic containers, especially water bottles, were found in the highest quantity, so please consider reusable bottles for drinking water on your next boat cruise.