Cobe with a classic method in Orlando.  Photo: Rutledge

My real name is… Cobe France
But most people know me by… Cobe
I am… 16
I currently live… In Gold Coast Australia
But would rather live… Still on the Gold Coast
The best trend right now is… Tuck knees maybe
Big wakes… Are a lot of fun
Style… I don’t really have one, hahaha
Least favorite trick… BS 720 because I usually catch a nose edge
Favorite Aussie rider is... Sam brown
Contest… USA masters was really fun
Best part about being Australian is… Our slang language and accent
But most people don’t know… I’ve had 3 knee injuries when I was younger
I’ll always regret… Taking my favorite skateboard onto the start dock at an Australian nationals and loosing it into the water
My biggest pet peeve… When I go to play call of duty and the Internet connection is bad
I become stressed when… I wakeboard bad or I die several times in a row on call of duty, haha
Best hype song… @Lewy Watt (AnotherOne) Soundcloud, check it out
I would like to thank… Tige Boats, Obrien Wakeboards, LKI clothing, Prowake, Grundos, Nautilus marine insurance.