photography by Bradlee Rutledge


My real name is… “Robert Coleman Vanthof” if we are being official

Most people know me by… Cole

My tinder age is… Deleting it right now haha

But I actually am… 22

I currently live… in Park City, UT

But would rather live… in a shack on an island

Wakeboarding… is growing like wild fire. So many riders today are finally focusing on style and being legit. I would say wakeboarding is close to getting the recognition it deserves.

Big wakes… means big girls in the boat

Style… style is EVERYTHING! “EEUUGGHH!!!”


I have always loved… older women

Most people don’t know… I have a metal plate in my butt

I’ll always regret… not doing enough raleys!

My biggest pet peeve… is when girls put a pound of makeup on their face before going out on the boat. WHAT IS THE POINT??!! #raccooneyes

The last naked I got… was from Snapchat. I tried to screenshot it but one second wasn’t long enough.

I took a girl home from the bar… ‘cause she thought I was Sage Kotsenburg

Going downtown… hurts my wallet

I become stressed when… trying to do an early shoot in the morning with other wakeboarders. Always someone being a lazy ass…

Training… is putting work in at the gym, not when you’re on the water. That would just take the fun out of it for me.

Contests…  I’m not the biggest fan of the actual contest part, but hanging out and shredding with everyone in one place is always an epic time!

I would like to thank… Ambush Board Co., Byerly Boards, Shred Ready Helmets, Spy Optics, my Mom and Dad, Derek Davis, Scott Bouchard, Byerly, and all the Homies!