Tony boosting into the Orlando Skyline from Clear Lake.  Photo: Rutledge

My real name is… Antonio. I did ask my mom if I could legally change it to Tony… No dice. Love you mom!

Most people know me by… Ynot, few realize it’s Tony backwards

My tinder age is… Depending on who I’m trying to help sweet talk a rando could be anywhere from 18 to 30. I have a girlfriend so I live carelessly through my friends

But I actually am… 26. Shit when did that happen?

I currently live… In the hood

But would rather live… In Belize because it’s unBelize-able

Wakeboaridng… Is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would not trade the places I’ve been and the great people I have met for anything

Big wakes… What are those? I have a 2006 Malibu

Style… Needs to be a bigger focus. If you have a trick down, learn how to grab it before adding another 180

Training… Is stopping by the dollar store to stalk up on candy after a long day of riding.

Contest… Are getting better now that grabs matter.

Clear Lake… Is one of a kind

Kellmans house… Has a light up tile dance floor… Nuf said

Pro Football = 50 hot wings

I have always loved… A day on the lake with as many people as possible

Most people don’t know… That I do not have a boat sponsor

Crockpots… Are amazing. Everyone is invited to my first annual crockpot party. TBA

I’ll always regret… Nothing. If you make a mistake learn from it

My biggest pet peeve… No grab tricks

College Bars… Shooting fish in a barrel

Going downtown… Ughhhhhhhh

I become stressed when… My phone has 10% battery

I would like to thank… My parents, thanks for always being there for me.  Tommy’s, Runa, SP-Gadgets, CTRL, Filibuster