It's been raining hard the past three days in Orlando, which isn't great for wakeboarding. And my house is full of dogs, including wakeboarding's most famous: Emma (a.k.a. Keith Lyman's pooch).

Keith is out in California right now hanging out at the Liquid Force headquarters, so Jeff McKee and I got put in charge of taking care of little Emma. That makes Emma the third tiny dog running around our tiny house right now. We've already got Jeff's Jack Russell Terrier, Charlie and Jeff's girlfriend's Dachshund, Isabelle.

Needless to say, things can get a little crazy when you've got three small dogs cooped up inside of house because of rain. And for some reason, they aren't as fascinated by the Discovery HD channel as we are. Hopefully the rain stops soon so we can get back to being wakeboarders, rather than dog sitters.

On another note, Kyle Hyams is officially a college graduate. Congrats, Kyle! Welcome to the real world… sucker…