Here's some of the random conversation I had with Trevor Hansen yesterday. This isn't word-for-word, but it's pretty close.

GC: "Hey dude, so how was your trip to Egypt?"

TH: "It pretty much sucked. The event got cancelled 'cause there was five-foot swells."

GC: "So you just got to be tourists for a week?"

TH: "Yeah, and even that sucked, 'cause at one point we were basically kidnapped and held for money…"

GC: "Wait, seriously?"

TH: "Well, 'kidnap' is a pretty strong word… but held against our will for money is pretty accurate… This guy wouldn't let me off the camel until I paid him a hundred bucks… It was total BS. So if you're thinking of ever trying to do a story in Egypt, don't."


On another note, it's still raining in Orlando. Hard. And it's been this way for 48 hours with no signs of letting up. Thanks, Fay.