I was on the boat today with Shaun Murray, Trevor Hansen, Kyle Rattray and Emily Copeland-Durham. Ok, Garrett and Stakes were there too, but the real conversation was with the riders. so here’s what’s up with: Trevor Hansen – He’s building a new house and what I’ve gathered was that it’s almost done. Today they were supposed to lay the tile, but they didn’t have all of the tile in. He looked around to buy a house, but he found out that it was way cheaper to build a house than to buy one. He also rode today even with a super soar neck. I guess he landed a trick and then out of nowhere his foot came out of his binding and then he caught an edge and hurt his neck. Shaun Murray – He told us about this thing they do at the camp – if you let go of the handle and are still riding away without the handle, you have to the robot dance while sinking, but if you don’t you get to catch the boat drive-by and get whole bunch of wake – you know what I mean? Kyle Rattray – He knows how to do the robot – he almost got caught, but he threw down a pretty sweet robot. Emily Copeland Durham – I just found this out – she and her husband are staying in Jerry Nunn’s house until they can find a house. So I asked if she ever throw’s their trash into Shaun’s yard? No, but her husband and Shaun’s wife get into some good disagreements about the realestate market. You know, when it’s right to buy a house. Six months down the road, tomorrow or in a year. I hope everything works out. We were also listening to this song by the Verve and when it came out Emily was in the 8th grade…I was 24. So that ended our morning, but we also qouted some lines from the Ricky Bobby Story – that was fun.