Check out what Guenther Oka & Zach Scheffer have to say about their Real Wake 2017 segment!

It’s all in the hair… (photo: Donoso)

Guenther – Being a part of Real Wake this year was an absolute dream come true. After watching it for two years prior, I knew it was a project that seemed right up my alley. What I wasn’t prepared for was how difficult putting it all together would become. After getting my invite, it was pretty hard to clear my entire schedule so I had to make due with a shorter amount of time. I also had to find a filmer but I lucked out and was able to link up with Zach Scheffer and get to work.

We bounced back and forth between boat and winching for a solid two weeks. Between getting kicked out of spots and me not being able to put it together behind the boat, things were getting a little hairy towards the end. But I had my dad come down to lend an extra hand and in the last 4 days we racked up a great amount of shots and put it all together the best we could. It was such an amazing experience getting to partake in Real Wake and I hope there is more to come for the future.

Zach – When Bill reached out to me about linking up with Guenther for his Real Wake part, I was excited to see what we could create together. Due to our schedules, we had about 14 days to shoot and edit the entire part. I think that limited time helped us in a way because we had no other choice but to go full throttle everyday for those two weeks. We put all other projects aside and filmed everyday for 11 days straight. We would hit winch spots at dawn and finish out the days with double up sessions behind the boat. And it wasn’t until our last day of filming were we able to get some cable time in courtesy of Kevin Henshaw’s Area 52. Guenther’s riding is so smooth that he makes hard tricks look easy and I wanted that to come through in the edit. Guenther is a complete rider from wake, to winch, to cable and it was rad to see how he flawlessly switched from one discipline to the next. I am bummed I couldn’t help him get an X-Games medal but I’m sure he will have a mantle full before his career is over.

Eyes on the prize (photo: Vanthof)

Schemin’ the next shot

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