Old school, all style

There was a time when professional wakeboarders were defined almost as much by their personailities as their moves — a time before big money sponsors, 12-man pro teams and the X-Games cast their spell over the sport. In 1993, Darin Shapiro was the power-packed king of Budweiser’s Hot Summer Nights, Scott Byerly was the core freestyle condor, and Scott Harwood (seen here) was the long haired, suntanned surf bro from West Palm Beach, Florida. Harwood was a regular in the early days of the Florida wakeboarding scene and had many ideas on new board designs and possible directions for the sport. He would go on to be known as one of the first guys to really explore the possibilities of tow-in/tow-at wakeboarding, but on flat days he brought the ocean, and signature surf style, to the lake.