Words: Trevor Hansen Photos: Cortese

If you take a look at The A-List in this issue, you’ll see a list of the five most underrated tricks in wakeboarding. At the top of that list is the method. For this month’s Come Correct, Trevor Hansen is taking the ever-stylish method and putting a little tweak on it by adding a frontside 180. While not as difficult as the method backside 180, the frontside version does allow you to take the trick a lot bigger, much like Trevor does. So if you happen to have a pretty legit little method in your bag of tricks, read on and find out how to add the 180 at the end for a flourish.

“So a method frontside 180 can be taken wake-to- wake or out into the flats. I prefer out into the flats mostly because Ben Greenwood and Aaron Aubrey were in the boat when we shot this, and I wanted to impress those guys. Before you do this trick, make sure you have a solid method first. If you can’t do a good method then a method frontside 180’s probably not for you.

First off, a melan frontside 180 is not a method frontside 180. Don’t fool yourself. So to do the method frontside 180, cut out nice and wide and come in with a solid progressive edge. When you get to the top of the wake really think about pushing through the top of it and think about getting a lot of vertical pop. As soon as you come off the top of the wake, think about the grab. You want to keep your arms in and pull your front leg up to get the grab right in between your bindings – not on the front of the bindings, in the center… So you pull your leg up, and when you get the grab you’re going to push your back leg out towards the boat. You don’t want the nose pointing higher than the tail. So hold on tight, keep your back hand in at your front hip. Take your hand off the grab as you’re coming down and open up your chest and hips to the boat, that will help you come around for the 180. Keep your eyes on the opposite shoreline with the handle into your hips. Keep your eyes up, too, rather than looking down, or else you’ll end up with your face in the water. Use the momentum of opening up your hips and chest to spin the 180, spot your landing, and land on your toes with soft knees. Oh yeah, make sure your arm is always tight. Come into the trick with your arms tight and keep them close to you, especially if you’re going big and out into the flats. If you let your arm out midway through the trick you’ll get pulled out the front and by the time you get back down to the water that’s gonna’ hurt pretty bad. It’s your back arm on this trick, so make sure it’s locked in.


1. Get good vertical pop off the top of the wake. Use your legs to push off, which will also help you with the method grab.

2. Think about keeping your back leg bent and pushing it toward the boat to get the proper method position. Also make sure you get the grab solid and in between your feet.

3. When you feel yourself coming down, let go of the grab and then turn your hips to start the 180. If you start turning your hips while you still have the grab you’ll start to go a little off axis.

4. Land with a little pressure on your toes.