Last night, the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in 12 years of wakeboarding took place in Lyme Regis Harbour on the south coast of England. 12 guys took it in turns to gap over a 9-meter wide stone wall in front of thousands of people – this was the Harbour Reach.

From the start of this concept we knew the event would be special, but I don’t think any of us imagined it would be this good. The setup was definitely legit, or ‘terrifying’ is another good term. the two kickers facing a wall with no view of the landing area was scaring the riders, but these guys were selected for their skills and professionalism, so when thousands of people descended on the beach in Lyme Regis and the adrenaline kicked in, each and every one of them stepped up and put on an epic show, promoting wakeboarding to new people who will definitely be coming back for more and trying the sport for themselves.

After the first rounds it was Scotty Broome, CK Koester, Johnny Carne, Dan Nott, Sam Carne and Louis Floyd who made it into the final with constant hits on the two floating rails in the harbour and stunning the crowd by gapping over the wall. Unfortunately, right before the contest started the neap tide, that came in nearly two feet higher than expected, made the incline of the rail over the wall unsafe to hit, so the format was changed and the kickers and floating rails were utilised fully. When all was said and done it was Sam Carne who shone above the rest and took home the £2000 prize money, and deservedly so. His brother Johnny came second, and also one the Best Trick prize for the cleanest frontside 540 you’ve ever seen, and given the conditions and the heavy landing off the kickers, that was one hell of an achievement. Dan Nott came in 3rd place and also took the Biggest Trick comp when he launched well past the 16m buoy into unknown territory, but it was huge.

Red Bull really put their all into this, and with Tim and the crew of Industry Wake Parks working tirelessly to create such an astounding setup, the event was huge success and i’m pretty sure we will back for another Harbour Reach next year. We will have videos and more from this magnificent event throughout the week, so get ready to be amazed.