Help Name This New Wakeboard Trick

“Being the first person to land a trick [has been] one of my goals since I was little,” said Italian wakeboarder Massimiliano Piffaretti, “And to finally be able to make this dream come true — it’s awesome.”

Recently, Massi achieved his goal and performed a new type of double rotation — amazingly combining two aerial spins, in opposite directions, to land the never-been-done trick.

Help Massi give a name to this new trick.

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In order to get a little more information about how this new move came together, we sat down with Massi to learn more. How did you ever get the idea to try and spin in both directions?

Massimiliano Piffaretti: I thought about it in Australia like four years ago. But I never actually tried it. Last year, I saw my friends Trever Maur and Derek Cook trying this trick. And ever since, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So what convinced you to go for it?

While in Florida the other day, we had perfect conditions and a solid crew in the boat. Parks Bonifay was driving and was pumping me up.

That must have been extra motivation.

You know, when a legend like Parks gets stoked, you get this insane energy that kind of makes you feel invincible. So I decided to try it and ended up landing it — so stoked!

What would you name this new trick?

Should we call it the “Zero” — since I do a 360 spinning one way and another 360 spinning the other way?

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