Well over a year into the making, the time has finally come to feast our eyes upon Rewritten, Hyperlite's newest team video. The riders braved many a day filled with cold temps and cloudy skies, but somehow always managed to come through with some magic.

Alliance Visual Experiences producer Josh McWilliams has been holed up in his editing studio for weeks now, but he's ready to come out into the light and show Rewritten to the world. From the clips I've seen, it is seriously going to blow some minds and change the way team videos are viewed and perceived.

The premiere takes place at the Plaza Theater in Orlando. Doors open at 7:30 and the show will be getting under way at 8:30. Cost is only $8.

So if you're in or around Orlando tonight and looking for something to do, make your way over to the premiere and join the rest of the wakeboarding industry as we feast our eyes upon Rewritten.

The Plaza Theatre
425 N. Bumby Ave.
Orlando FL. 32803