Bad news, our writers were on strike this week and wouldn’t give us the  inside tip, but we do have a fun filled fact for you.  Christian Von Lerchenfeld in his native Germany during 1992  founded Sesitec (the parent company to System 2.0) and has gone on to become the innovator of cable watersports. He has 2 kids  that ride cable everyday and believe in what they make.  We’ll be back with clues next week we promise. But at least  you learned the system you are trying to win is made with pride from a family in Europe and his kids Nico and Janik rip.

Riddle me this # 7
Sometimes we use all of it on our cars kicks.

Riddle me this # 6?
We’ve moved on but you have the first 2 figured our by now right? Regardless of how buff you are you wouldn’t be caught dead without
it in battle.

Riddle me this # 5?
This game is getting pretty ridiculous. We’ll make it a little easier for you. It’s an adjective, probably thought it was a noun didn’t you? When you get buff you get more of it.
See you next week.

Riddle me this # 4?
Still couldn’t figure out last weeks? Here is another clue.
It’s capabilities are endless. We rely on it everyday to man up our machines.

Riddle me this # 3?
We’ve moved on so you better have the first one figured out.
The lights go on, the tank ignites – we’ve all been in amazement of this adjectives magnitude.

Riddle me this # 2?
Will give you another clue to the first clue.
This adjective is a rousing force of magnetic volatility.

Riddle me this # 1?
Did you read the press release? There was a clue there.
Figure out what the clue was? Cool. If not – we will charge the fields, and see you next week.