We'd like to send a big congratulations to the one and only Danny Hampson, the 2008 recipient of our Rider Of The Year (ROTY) award. There were a lot of riders who were in contention for this year's honors, but in the end the choice became pretty darn clear. The year Danny had is unlike any year any of the past recipients had, but the one thing that stood out the most had little to do with what Danny was doing on his wakeskate, and more to do with who he is — time and time again in 2008 Danny made the rest of us want to go out and ride (but he also straight killed it on his wakeskate, too). Be sure to check out the full article in the latest issue of Alliance to find out more (and to see some of the sick photos that only reinforce Danny's selection). And check out Alliance Wakeskate for more awards on the wakeskate side of things. 

Danny joins an elite group of athletes as Riders Of The Year:

  • Brian Grubb (2001)
  • Parks Bonifay and Randall Harris (2002)
  • Aaron Reed (2003)
  • Chad Sharpe (2004)
  • Ben Greenwood (2005)
  • Danny Harf (2006)
  • Randall Harris (2007)

Be sure to check out an interview with Danny in the Videos section of this website in the next couple days for more on his ROTY win.