Last week Pat Panakos and Kris Salteski invited me out to the Projects Wakeboard Camp to try the new Sesitec 2.0 cable system that is now available through It’s the same system that was used to tow Red Bull’s Wake lab event in Orlando Florida and it is undoubtedly a future in our sport.


The sesitec system 2.0  is basically two towers at either end with a cable connecting them across whatever body of water you choose. Whether it be a small pond on your property or a large lake, the system is compatible in almost every situation.  The cable lengths range anywhere from 80 foot all the way to 700 foot and it is powered by a generator, making it possible to ride non-stop on minimal amounts of fuel. Now you can buy your driver a Big Mac off the dollar menu instead of lugging a 5-gallon gas can around everywhere you go.


The first question everyone seems to have about the system 2.0 is “how do you turn around?” I myself asked the same question when I first heard about the system but once I saw it in action at the wake lab and then had an opportunity to ride it myself I realized that the turn around’s are simple and actually quite fun. All you have to do is edge out to the side of the cable as far as you can and as your momentum slows the cable begins to run the opposite direction while keeping constant line tension. When I rode the thing I literally ran about 20 passes down and back without stopping hitting a box and kicker in between. One of the coolest features of the system 2.0 cable is that it eliminates almost all of the down time that you experience with a winch or boat. This means that you can get your days workout in about half the time it would usually take. The reason so much of the downtime is eliminated is because when you fall the cable operator brings the rope right back to you and your on your way in under a minute.


After I rode my wakeboard through the park those 20 times Pat suggested trying a super short rope to do some air tricks. I couldn’t resist giving it a try and before I knew it I had an air roll to revert and air raley in the bag.  I won’t say that I was proud of my style on these particular moves but it was definitely refreshing to do something fun and different from the norm when it comes to riding. After determining that I will not ever be able to land an S-bend (ironically my dad’s favorite trick) I busted out the wakeskate for just a few more passes. I don’t know what had gotten into me but I just could not stop riding. You can fall all day long and never feel bad about the boat driver wanting to jab you in the gut. We all know that if you are learning to wakeskate you are going to fall A LOT, but this new cable made it so much easier to jump right back up and try again…Watch out Danny Hampson, I’m gonna be your worst enemy come spring time. Hey can I borrow your wakeskate? Just hit me up when you read this…thanks man! Hey congrats on that ROTY thing. How are the babes treating you?


O.K., back to it…What I’m trying to tell you is that if you haven’t had the opportunity to try the sesitec system 2.0 then you need to hurry up and get a move on. The Projects is running the system all winter long for people like you and me to check out. Just log on to the internet and visit and click on system 2.0 for all the specs and info on pricing / demo’s. Ski ya later!