Jeff McKee and myself are currently crashing at a Best Western hotel in Acworth, Georgia… we somehow found ourselves in the Oakley "Push Process" rig (a super sweet Dodge Ram truck and MasterCraft X-Star combo) with Jack Blodgett and Mikey Marsh heading up to the first stop of the PWT. We're here for the weekend (Jeff's gonna do some shredding and hopefully qualify for the Pro Tour, while I'm gonna do some high-5'ing and bro-down). Be on the lookout for some goofy stories from the weekend — our drive up here alone featured some Black Jack, Alphabet games, 5 Card Draw, and four (yes, 4) gas fill ups… we were only getting eight (yes, 8) miles to the gallon in the rig… Whammy!

p.s. Our room is right next door to Parks Bonifay's!!! How sweet is that?!?!