Over the weekend Robby Jacques celebrated his 21st birthday at his home of The Projects. The only info in the e-mail was to bring your boardshorts (or bikini) and something that floats to join in the fun. Mother Nature must not have gotten the invitation, though, because it was cloudy, rainy and surprisingly chilly all day. Or maybe she did get the invitation and her gift to Robby for his birthday was some much needed water to raise the levels of the lakes at The Projects.

In typical Projects fashion, though, nobody let the rain stop the party. Pat Panakos grilled it up under a tree and kept the hot dogs and hamburgers rolling, the stereo was covered up with some stuff so it wouldn't get wet and so the tunes could keep blasting, and everybody hung out in the lake despite the weather (probably because the lake temperature was warmer than the air temperature). Of course, a few people took the opportunity to catch some bass (hey, this is The Projects we're talking about).

Happy Birthday, Rob, and here's to keeping your party hat on tight, no matter what the conditions!