Everything about this weekend’s Toe Jam in Texas was different. Instead of a jet ski, it was the cable pulling riders. Instead of Florida humidity, it was Texas humidity. Instead of port-a-potties, there were indoor bathrooms. Instead of BYOB there was a bar serving up margaritas on tap. And instead of Dano and Nick Weinacker’s witty repartee it was riders like James Balzer, Dave Hanson, Brandon Thomas and Danny Hampson on the mic. The only thing that was the same, in fact, was the Toe Jam vibe. The best riders in the world, getting together, to ride head-to-head, push each other and the sport, and display the best riding possible in a competition format.

And on June 9th, a new Toe Jam champion was crowned. Call it a home court advantage, but there was no one else who even came close to Bret Little’s consistency and variety on the cable. He had flip tricks in the flat. He had shuvs on, and off of just about everything. He had style and grace on the giant wakeboard rails. And in the end, it was enough to defeat Brian Grubb in the head to head final.

Bret didn’t have an easy day by any means. First round he took down Nick Taylor. Then he slayshed all over Stuart Shinn in the second round. He was pitted against Reed Hansen to get into the finals, and even Hansel was no match. Then of course, he took down Brian Grubb. If that’s not consistency, I don’t know what is.

Bret also earned himself a spot in the Toe Jam finals in Orlando, along with Steven Campbell and Stuart Shinn. Since he was taken out in the second round, Stu had to ride against Drew Danielo, Andrew Pastura and Ben Kaiser in the second chance round, and clinched it with a 450 back big off the incline rail. No, seriously.

As the home of the first Toe Jam not at the Projects, Texas put in a strong showing with nice weather, nice people and a great venue in the Texas Ski Ranch. Next Toe Jam moves to Southern Washington for a camp out at Lake Koppert and the boat finals, the last chance for riders to earn an invite to the finals in Orlando.