RockWilder’s Blue Octane Pro Wakeboard Edition Album Release a HIT
April 28, 2008 – Orlando, FL –The album Blue Octane Pro Wakeboard Edition Release Party was hosted by Hip-Hop Legend RockWilder.  2x Grammy award winning producer RockWilder has come together with 18 of the top wakeboarders in the world to customize music for them that will inspire their ride. Over the past 4 months he has collaborated with these 18 riders customizing beats and lyrics and bringing in his camp of writers and artists to help create the album.  Rev Run, formerly of Run DMC is featured on a track on the Blue Octane Pro Wakeboard Edition.
RockWilder was inspired to make music for the riders when he was down to Orlando from his home in New York.  After watching Shaun Watson ride he was amazed at the sport that he knew nothing about.  He was intrigued by the tower speakers and how each rider had their own tunes to play during their set. It was a wrap after that. Rock moved down to Florida and started to get to know the riders and created 19 amazing tracks. “Music is such an intrical part of their sport so it only made sense to make each rider their own music.  Randall Harris really impressed me and wrote his own song then we rap on it together!” RockWilder.
“This has been the most amazing experience. I feel like this is my Pink Floyd The Wall album because of endless creativity and different genera’s of music,” RockWilder.  RockWilder has been in the picture from the beginning helping create Fuel Records, Inc; an independent record label and Board Beats, Inc.  Shane Bonifay said, “I have never made music so stepping into the studio with one of the best producers in the industry was insane!”
The Blue Octane Pro Wakeboard Edition album can be purchased at and it can be downloaded off of iTunes also.  The riders on the Blue Octane Pro Wakeboard Edition album include Shawn Watson, JD Webb, Aaron Rathy, Shaun Murray, Adam Errington, Rusty Malinoski, Brandon Thomas, Dallas Friday, Nick Weinacker, Chad Sharpe, Shane Bonifay, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb, Erik Ruck, Danny Harf, Randall Harris, Sonja Scheffler and Amber Wing.  The next two albums will be released later this year and they focus on customized music for the top skateboarders and snowboarders in the world.    
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