Ronix would like to officially Welcome Amber Wing to the Team! We are honored to have her in the family. We are very exited to see what the future holds for Amber and Ronix.
Here are a couple questions we asked Amber about Joining the Team!

1. What does Riding for Ronix mean to you?
It means I am working with a team of riders to further build and progress the sport we all love.
I have support to pursue the goals I want to achieve both personally and on the water and for Womens Wakeboarding.

2. How is it riding on the same team as your Man?
Haha. Awesome! I get to hang out with him at the RONIX lake! Dean pushes me and helps me progress my riding the way I want to, so I am stoked that he can help me progress along with the facilities that Lake Ronix has to offer.

3. What would you like to see happen in your future with Ronix?
I want to help grow the Womens side of the brand, reaching out to more ladies and bringing wakeboarding to girls of all ages who have never had the opportunity to try it.

4. Are you Stoked about being able to ride at Lake Ronix?
YES!!!!!! So excited. Hayley and I have started to make plans on things we want to do out there. We are really excited!

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