Not only did Erik Rock Rock my socks off with his run at the Wake Games this weekend, He also starred in the two hottest wakeboard films of the season, both which happened to premier over the weekend. From sliding soccer goals to mute crow mobe 540's off the toeside double up, I once again have to re-iterate the fact that he is my new favorite wakeboarder. I've been on the facebook for hours trying to find his profile but I guess he doesn't have one…Then I checked myspace too but no luck so I am just going to drive over to his house, log on to his computer and then load all of his personal pictures up onto the page. After that I will be the first person to friend request him, the first person to write on his wall, and the first person to comment on all of his coolest pictures. It shouldn't be a problem because i know that he is out of town right now and his fiance Joi is working till 3:45 PM which will give me just enough time to create his page, play his guitar for a little bit and sit on his couch trying to imagine how cool it must feel to be him.