Powerful, driven, controlled, dominating… These are some of the forefront characteristics of our elite team rider Rusty Malinoski that we have poured into his new signature line from Roswell. With design, material and color input Rusty helped shape the first legitimate signature series in the tower and accessory industry and we are pleased to announce its arrival at select Roswell dealers.
With a select few pieces getting the Rusty overhaul the line includes the RM Area 52 tower, RM Unison Quad Driver, RM Team Boardrack, RM Swivel and RM Vamp Spin Pro. Noticeable upgrades include a matte black powdercoat finish, new tweeter housings on the speaker products and 3-Position swivel attachment on the tower.
“The response to the line was tremendous” commented team manager Marc Poirier. “ We took it on the road to select dealers back in the fall to give them a sneak peak and got a ton of positive feedback on not just the styling but the whole concept of a signature line with Rusty’s name attached to it. A few dealers near Rusty’s home town were pretty pumped to get theirs in and we’re stoked it’s becoming a success.”
The RM series is available now through select Roswell dealers and the full line will be up on roswellwakeair.com shortly. For information on how to get yours today e-mail info@roswellwakeair.com or

80-490-7908 ext. 234.