Scott Barone was raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. After working at Tommy’s Slalom Shop young in his life, he became a water sports enthusiast. With his gymnastics background, wakeboarding was the perfect fit for Scott. He quickly jumped on board with Hyperlite and has supported the brand through thick and thin.  He worked for the company from 2006-2009.

Scott’s wife Sheila was introduced to him through Soda Lakes Ski School. She is an amazing water skier and the connection was immediate!  Scott and Sheila Barone have been the tie that connects the Wakeboarding and Water Skiing world together in Colorado for the last decade.

Scott unfortunately lost his life at his lake working on a ski course buoy. As hard as this is to believe we are left with job to carry on Scott’s legacy.

One of the last things Scott posted on his Facebook site this.

Throughout Scott’s life he spread the love of Wakeboarding and Water Skiing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott and his family for their dedication to growing our industry in the most positive way.

A Trust was established to assist Sheila, Cole & Bella as they navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead. You may honor the life of Scott by helping the family he leaves behind. To donate, visit any Key Bank or mail Key Bank at 10300 Federal Blvd, Federal Heights, CO 80260, make checks payable to “Scott Barone Family Fund”.

Thank You Scott for your passion and dedication to the Wakeboard and Water Ski community, you will be greatly missed and cherished forever.