I don't know what you did this weekend, but if you weren't by the flag pole in the parking lot of Seaforth Boat Rentals in San Diego’s Mission Bay, you definitely missed the memo. What could be so happy about a parking lot you may ask? Take a mental picture with me (later you can view the photos to know I’m not lying): Philly steak sandos (sandos is lingo for sandwich… uh huh.), free Cobian sandals, free Jerry's jerky, free live band, free sunscreen, free cd's, free gargantuan posters from Hyperlite, Oakley, and the kick a$$ Coast Guard, free visors, free water bottles, free mags and lots of other free freebies amidst a parking lot that was mysteriously transferred overnight into a wakeboarding rail park. Local west side riders: Justin Fisher, Kyle Murphy, Daniel Doud, Tyler Killingsworth, Chris Williams, Reed Watson, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Brittany Arruda, Duncan Lee and many others put on a great show as fans, babes, and local fisherman crowded around with their free beer and/or Monster neatly snuggled into their free NOT BEER™ koozie. May I make a quick note on the times the word "free" has been used in this article. Anyways, besides the awesome rail jam that was going on, Seaforth also had free product, fishing, and boat demos going on; all part of their Grand re-opening. All in all, it was a fun, safe, sunny summer day. Big thanks to Seaforth for putting on the event and all others who helped make it happen.

Seaforth Boat rentals- www.sbrwakeboarding.com
Alliance Wakeboard Magazine- www.alliancewake.com
Jerry's Jerky- www.jerrysgourmetjerky.com
Cobian Sandals- www.cobianusa.com
Gaglione Bros- www.gaglionebros.com
Hyperlite- www.hyperlite.com
Slingshot- www.slingshotwake.com
Oakley- www.oakley.com
JetPilot- www.jetpilot.com
Centurion Boats- www.centurionboats.com
Yamaha- www.yamaha-motor.com
Monster Energy Drink- www.monsterenergy.com
91X Radio- www.91x.com
H2O Audio- www.h2oaudio.com
Centurion- www.centurionboats.com
Headhunter Suncare- www.HeadhunterSurf.com

and of course… the few, the proud, the San Diego Coast Guard.